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Good to Know

How can I improve my credit score?

Check your credit reports often. Keep your credit utilization low, at least under 30%. Don’t apply for a lot of credit in a short period of time we suggest, 1 application every 6 months. Don’t miss a payment and always pay at least the minimum amount due.

How long does it take to repair my credit?

Every credit situation is different but, our average client sees a change in their credit scores within 30-45 days. The entire process we like to quote 3-12 months depending on credit profile and clients goals. 

Dispute negative items: 

Negative items on your credit report are pretty much always bad. Good news is, we have a system to remove those negative, incorrect, unfair or unverifiable items using the laws put in place to protect you. 

What makes us different from other credit repair companies?

• 90 Day refund policy (NO Results=Money Back)• Customer Service, I stay in constant communication with my clients so you never have to guess what’s going on with your profile• Monthly update calls with personal portal for tracking (app now available)


Applying for loans, credit cards, or vehicles and getting DENIED?

We show you exactly what’s hurting your score and how to fix it. We challenge those negative items with the bureaus and your creditors. We keep the process going, helping you reach your credit goals.


Services Available

Need help building Credit?

If your credit score is low, or even nonexistent it’s difficult to qualify for a loan with a good interest rate. I will help you establish yourself as a responsible borrower. As your credit scores improves, your opportunities will increase.

Credit Analysis

Sign up with our Preferred Credit Monitoring Site 

Obtain & Maintain (as REQUIRED) an online tri-merged credit monitoring subscription from our PREFERRED site Identityiq. 

Monitoring site MUST be obtained prior to scheduling your consultation appointment.



Committed to Quality

My job is to not just repair your credit, but to influence good credit decisions that last a lifetime.

We will speak up for you! We know the credit consumer laws and we know your rights. We work with you to ensure that inaccurate or questionable information that is leaving a negative impact on your credit report is resolved. This type of information not only ruins your credit reputation, it makes life much harder to live.

We are built on integrity and our mission is to provide our hardworking consumers the credit they deserve. We know that good credit and healthy money habits creates access, opportunity, and generational wealth.


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