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No One Does it Better

We Cure Credit Now is committed to helping our clients every step of the way improve their credit profile on the path to financial freedom. We will take every aggressive measure under the law to repair and restore your credit.

We Cure Credit Now is built on honesty and integrity and believes that everyone deserves a second chance to improve their credit score. We offer a variety of financial services. Our company has extensive knowledge and experience in credit repair and restoration, credit re-build, negative trade lines, and finance.

We want to lead our clients in the right financial direction so they can be better equipped and prepared to make financial decisions. We Cure Credit Now strives to empower our clients with current financial knowledge that affects their credit score and purchasing power

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Committed to Quality

My job is to not just repair your credit, but to influence good credit decisions that last a lifetime.

We will speak up for you! We know the credit consumer laws and we know your rights. We work with you to ensure that inaccurate or questionable information that is leaving a negative impact on your credit report is resolved. This type of information not only ruins your credit reputation, it makes life much harder to live.

We are built on integrity and our mission is to provide our hardworking consumers the credit they deserve. We know that good credit and healthy money habits creates access, opportunity, and generational wealth.

“Credit Repair means a

higher score!" NOT ALWAYS Often times, the removal of negative accounts can result in score decreases, or scores remaining the same. This is because the removal of them also removes the credit history attached to it. *And it’s always better to have a "clean” report and lower score, than a higher score and negative items that remain! 

You CAN'T repair vour own credit. 

YOU CAN I We encourage you to do so if you have the time. There are many resources available online that will educate you about the dispute process! You can be your

best advocate. 

Credit Repair companies are not legitimate!

The Credit Repair industry has a bad reputation stemming from excess consumer abuse dating back to the 80's, and from someone that has been scammed by a previous company, I’ve vowed to always put my clients first. We encourage you to DO YOUR RESEARCH before working with any company! 

Credit Repair guarantees deletions score


FALSE | According to the FTC, CROA, and other laws.. it is 100% illegal for a Credit Repair company to guarantee results or timeframes associated to the process!

Credit by Jaz LLC 90 Day Money Back Guarantee:
The goal of credit repair is to remove questionable negative information from credit
reports. This is not an exact science and there are cases in which we may be
unsuccessful. Our clients are protected with our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

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